XLI International Scientific-Technical Seminar "Chemistry for Agriculture"

The XLI edition of the International Scientific-Technical Seminar "Chemistry for Agriculture" was attended by representatives of science and industry in the fields of chemistry, environmental biology, technology and biotechnology. The overriding aim of the event was to enable the exchange of experiences, present research results and good practices, as well as the intensification of cooperation between science and industry.
The employees of the institute have got the opportunity to present the results of their research in the form of lectures:
B. Walawska, W. Mikołajczak, D. Żórawski, Ł. Kiedzik: "The effect of pH on the morphology of calcium carbonate precipitated from waste streams from the Solvay process";
Sz. Dulik: "Chemical synthesis from flue gases involving sulfur dioxide"
and posters:
H. Jaroszek, W. Mikołajczak: "Possibilities of using the electro membrane processes in the synthesis and environmental protection";
J. Gluzińska, P. Rusek, K. Borowik, A. Paszek: "Development of ore and drilling mud for agricultural purposes".
The seminar took place on 27-30th of November of 2016 in Karpacz.