Analytical Laboratory

Manager: Magdalena Turkowska, PhD
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext. 247)
Mobile: +48 500 505 451

Research and development:

  • Improvement of existing methods and development of new methods of analytes determination,
  • Chemical composition analysis (macro- and microelements),
  • Physicochemical properties testing,
  • Identification and quality assessment of chemical substances,
  • Analytical control of technological processes,
  • Determination and validation of research methods

Analytical services:
The Analytical Laboratory carries out examinations of chemical composition and physicochemical properties of inorganic raw materials, waste and other materials. Depending on the nature of the matrix and requirements of customer, analytical laboratory offer both qualitative and quantitative analysis at the concentrations of different levels, including trace level analysis, using classical and instrumental methods.

Areas of expertises:

  • Analysis of inorganic and fertilizer industry products; raw materials for electrochemical industry, household chemicals, paints and varnishes, mining industry (phosphorus ore, metals, coal and other minerals),
  • Research for the environmental protection – assessment of waste, surface waters and soil quality, hazard assessment  and classification of waste according to current legislation,
  • Determination of microelements in organic matrix, such as organic compounds, plastomers, elastomers, composites,
  • Identification and quality control of organic compounds, identification analysis according to Ph Eur,
  • Analysis of other samples on request

Measurement methods used:

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES),
  • Could Vapor Atomic Absorption (Merkury Analyzer),
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR),
  • High Performance Ion Chromatography (HPIC),
  • Potentiometry with ion selective electrodes,
  • Classical chemical analysis  (volumetry, gravimetry, others)