Inorganic Chemistry Research Group

Manager: Barbara Cichy, Associated Prof.
Phone: +48 32 231 30 51 (ext. 182)
Mobile: +48 604 189 479


Areas of current and planned research:

  • Phosphates and polyphosphates technologies, including: ammonium, melamine, potassium, aluminum and others for various purposes,

  • Phosphoric and polyphosphoric acids,

  • Liquid fertilizers, fertilizers of special purpose,

  • Technologies of inorganic sodium salts; oxidation processes in wastewater and soil treatment,

  • Additives for plastics, especially flame retardants, intumescent systems, chemical, physical and structural modifications of simple and complex flame retardants and fillers for plastics,

  • Technologies of recovery of useful substances from solid and liquid waste, industrial waste disposal technologies in accordance with the standards set out in Best Available Technologies (BAT) and legal records from the area of environmental protection,

  • Technological use of membrane processes,

  • Industrial electrochemistry

The research and analytical services:

  • Thermal analysis, TG/DTG, DSC,

  • Analysis of BET surface area and analysis of total pore volume (using GEMINI VII Micrometrics 2390A Analyzer),

  • Analysis of substances and mixtures causing metal corrosion according to CLP Regulation,

  • Analysis of grain size and shape (crystals) by method of optical microscopy