3rd International Congress on Water Waste and Energy Management in Rome

The “IChN” Division stuff participated in the Congress on Water Waste and Energy Management, which took place in Rome on 18-20th of July, 2016. Discussions were held in the following areas: water policy, efficient use of water, effluent treatment, safety and quality of underground water, municipal waste management, dangerous wastes management, converting waste to energy, renewable energies, management of energetic projects etc.
The experts presented their work in the form of posters:

B. Cichy, E. Kużdżał: Elimination of phosphorous and organic contamination from industrial wastewater,
B. Cichy, H. Jaroszek, W. Mikołajczak, M. Nowak, B. Pisarska: Application of nanofiltration for concentration of waste inorganic salts solutions,
J. Gluzińska, P. Rusek, K. Borowik, A. Paszek: Spent drilling fluids utilization in soil fertility enrichment composition.